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Why The Laptop Jammed

Why the laptop jammed at the initial appearance?, Lets discuss this based on the real experience. Some times ago, i have been repairing the HP laptop with the same problem with this. Finally i found that the problem is at the USB module, the right usb port module. There are a SMD capacitor that is short circuit it's legs, we can test this using the multi tester.
Why The Laptop Jammed
As image above, i have replaed these SMD capacitor with different size. Here is 100uF but i place the new one with the size 220 and this is working well without any other problems.
So, maybe there are any trouble that causing the laptop jammed but this is one of the causes of the laptop that jammed at the initial appearance.

Posted by: Muhammad Agus ismail
Muhammad agus ismail Updated at: 3:35 PM

Aspire One 756 Netbook Not Charging

One of the causes of aspire one 756 netbook not charging is charger controller IC that is broken. this ic working with 2 mosfet to make the charging process on this netbook.
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The part number of ic charger of this netbook is BQ25A and you an buy this at any electronics shop in your region. By replacing this part so the AO756 netbook will charging normally.

Posted by: Muhammad Agus ismail
Muhammad agus ismail Updated at: 5:28 PM
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