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Fix Epson T13 Not Perfect Result

This action will fix not perfect result of the printer Epson T13 without the computer or laptop. This mean that we no need any tools include the computer.
Follow the following instructions.
1. After the printer turned ON, this must no blinking or any other error, press and hold the Resume button until the cartridge move
2. You will see that the printer working to recharge the ink from the ink bottle to the cartridge, wait until finished indicated by no activity of the printer.
3. Please to test the printer after the steps above, and if the result still not perfect try to repeat the steps for max 3 times.
If after 3 times still not perfect don't do this again except after about 15 minutes because this will harm the cartridge head unit.

Posted by: Muhammad Agus ismail
Muhammad agus ismail Updated at: 2:54 AM

This Will Make The Laptop Down

An electronics component that is will make the laptop down and restart continuously before log into Windows successfully.
The function of this part when the laptop running is to create the perfect DC voltage without ripple or to reduce the DC voltage ripple so the laptop running with the greatest performance. And, if this electronic component not in normal condition so the ripple voltage will make several components will more heating faster, even if short circuit so the laptop will won't turn ON.
This component called Tantalum capacitor. The size of this part is micro farad and Volt, for example 330micro farad and 2,5Volt.
And the tantalum capacitor placed at the Vcore of the laptop, if get the trouble will make the laptop shut off suddenly just after the laptop turned ON.

Posted by: Muhammad Agus ismail
Muhammad agus ismail Updated at: 2:27 AM
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