How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen

To repair the Lenovo L412 laptop that black screen and not booting we need a heater blower or the hair dryer or some other similar tool that can resulting the hot air. Black screen of this condition is that the laptop working when the power button pressed indicated by the processor fan that working and the power indicator led lit up, but the screen of the laptop show nothing.
How to fix this problem? Follow the following instructions :
1. Turn off the laptop by press and hold the power button until the power led dead.
2. Release the battery and the charger.
3. Open the back casing, look at the image bellow
How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen
4. Release the heatsink ( processor cooler fan ). You will see the chipset VGA of this laptop at behind of these heatsink.
How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen

Now, after the heatsink released please to rehot or reflow these chipset VGA using the heater blower or the hairdryer. If you using the heater blower set the temperature for about 400oC and reflow for about 10 seconds.
This action will fix the Lenovo L412 that black screen and won't booting.

Get Into BIOS Lenovo L412

This is the steps you can follow about how to get into BIOS setup of the Lenovo L412 thinkpad laptop. Generally that we have knew the steps to get into the BIOS setup of the laptop is by press the F2 key, Delete or F10 key just after the laptop turned ON, but the steps of this laptop is not a like this.
Get Into BIOS Lenovo L412

The steps is :
1. Turn off the laptop, press and hold the power button if the laptop error.
2. After the laptop dead, press and hold the F1 key of the keyboard, press and hold.
Get Into BIOS Lenovo L412

3. Press the power button to turn ON the laptop, don't release the F1 key ( still press ).
4. Still press the F1 key until you can see the BIOS setup view on the screen of the laptop.
Now, you can get into the BIOS setup of the lenovo L412 thinkpad laptop and you can setting it as you want.

Projector Causing the electric breaker Tripping

I have a real experience about a projector that is when the power cable plugged into the electric source will causing the electric breaker tripping suddenly and we cannot reset this without unplugging the power cable of these projector. This is a DLP projector with the brand Infocus.
I have repaired this projector and found a component that broken that causing this problem happen. The steps we have done are below :
1. Open the case of the projector
2. Take out the mainboard
3. Take out the lens to access the power supply board
After we can access the power supply board we need to check several electronics component.
1. Check the main diode. I think you have enough knowledge about checking the electronics component. In this experience, the main diode is in normal condition
2. Check the mosfets that placed at the primer area of the power supply.
3. After all dove i found a mosfet that shorted. This is a mosfet near of the balast port. Each legs have shorted between one and other.
Finally, after replaced these mosfet make the projector normal and the electric circuit breaker not tripping when the projector cable plugged into the source. You can watch the following video about all the steps above.
This is the way to fix a infocus projector that is causing the electric circuit breaker tripping suddenly just when the power cable of it plugged.

Why The Laptop Jammed

Why the laptop jammed at the initial appearance?, Lets discuss this based on the real experience. Some times ago, i have been repairing the HP laptop with the same problem with this. Finally i found that the problem is at the USB module, the right usb port module. There are a SMD capacitor that is short circuit it's legs, we can test this using the multi tester.
Why The Laptop Jammed
As image above, i have replaed these SMD capacitor with different size. Here is 100uF but i place the new one with the size 220 and this is working well without any other problems.
So, maybe there are any trouble that causing the laptop jammed but this is one of the causes of the laptop that jammed at the initial appearance.

Aspire One 756 Netbook Not Charging

One of the causes of aspire one 756 netbook not charging is charger controller IC that is broken. this ic working with 2 mosfet to make the charging process on this netbook.
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The part number of ic charger of this netbook is BQ25A and you an buy this at any electronics shop in your region. By replacing this part so the AO756 netbook will charging normally.

Blog Terkena Banned Google

Blog Terkena Banned Google

blog yang membahas tentang perbaikan komputer, laptop, printer dan perangkat sejenis sepertinya terkena sandbox oleh google sehingga di search engine tidak lagi muncul. blog ini berisi konten resmi pengalaman perbaikan perangkat komputer yang diambil dari pengalaman real di lapangan di sebuah bengkel perbaikan di daerah ponorogo.
Entah kenapa blog yang sangat bermanfaat, demikian disampaikan oleh beberapa pengunjung blog, bahwa ilmu-ilmu perbaikan komputer dibagi secara gratis disana, namun tiba-tiba google menghilangkannya dari databasenya.
Semoga blog tersebut bisa kembali masuk ke search engine google di halaman utama sehingga pengunjung tidak kesulitan untuk menemukannya kembali.

The Laptop Death Caused By This IC

This is about how to fix the laptop death caused by a small IC. The death laptop caused by various issues and one of this is caused by the broken charger IC. The charger IC is an small controller IC at the motherboard of the laptop that is working as a controller of the charging process of the laptop.
But is this IC get the problem so the laptop will won't turned ON or the laptop is real death. As in my experience, about the Aspire 4741 laptop that not working well, won't turned ON, no charging indicator, and nothing indicator light ON and after i make analyze procedure so the result is that the charger IC have broken.
Replace the charger IC will fix the laptop death.

How to Fix Vertical lines of Laptop Screen

This is one of ways to fix vertical lines of laptop screen. Here i want to share a real experience that has to do with this issue. In this experience i have been repairing toshiba laptop that show vertical lines on the screen. This laptop working well if we get into save mode, let's see the steps that i have try .
1. Clearing the RAM pins. This step not success, the laptop still not well
2. Replacing the RAM, still not success
3. And finally, i add a SMD capacitor with size 330 at VCore lane. Place this paralel with Nec tocin behind the processor.
How Fix Vertical lines of Laptop Screen
After add this capacitor so the laptop working well without vertical lines on the screen. This mean that the problem of this laptop is the Voltage at the VCore lane is less refined caused by the Nec tocin that is not working normally and this capacitor make the voltage more good.
Please to watch the video below for more real action.
Also, if able you can replace the Nec Tocin at VCore lane with the new one to fix vertical lines of laptop screen.
When MP287 Printer Error P07

When MP287 Printer Error P07

When MP287 printer error P07 you can try to fix this using the steps below that we have tried and success. The tools that needed of this is a laptop or computer and a software that you can download this for free using this link, follow the steps.
1. Make the printer off by pressing the power button until all the lamp indicators off
2. Press and hold the STOP button and Press and hold the power button, now both of the STOP button and the power button pressed.

3. Release the STOP button.
4. Press the STOP button 7 times
5. Release the power button.
6. Wait until the printer activity have stopped and the small display on the printer will show nothing.
7. Connect the USB printer cable to the computer or laptop
8. Insert papers on the paper tray
9. Open the software that you have downloaded using the link above.
10. Find "Clear ink counter" and click "Set" on this area so the printer will printing a page, wait until finished.
11. Find "Ink absorber counter" and click "Set" on this area so the printer will blinking orange a time.
12. And finally, find "EEPROM" on the layer of this software and click it, so the printer will printing a page again.
13. After the printing process of the step 12 finished please to turn OFF the printer and close the software.
14. Turn ON the printer again, and now the printer should working normally. But if the printer blinking during the printing process please to press and hold the Resume button until the printing continued.
All the steps above will help us when our MP287 printer Error P07.

When IP2770 Printer Blinking Orange 5 Times

What we should to do when your IP2770 printer blinking orange 5 times continuously ? Follow the following steps to fix it.
1. When the printer have been blinking, open the upper case or cover.
2. After the cartridge stopped at the middle side, open the both cartridge holder
3. Take out the cartridge
4. By using the tissue and the little fluid please to clean the cartridge pins until glisten.
When IP2770 Printer Blinking Orange 5 Times
5. Make dry
6. Re-install the cartridge and close the printer cover.
After the steps above now the printer should working well without blinking and if the printer blinking during the printing process please to press and hold the Resume button until the printing process continued.
These are the step that you can to try when IP2770 printer blinking orange 5 times to make the printer work again as usually.