When MP287 Printer Error P07

When MP287 printer error P07 you can try to fix this using the steps below that we have tried and success. The tools that needed of this is a laptop or computer and a software that you can download this for free using this link, follow the steps.
1. Make the printer off by pressing the power button until all the lamp indicators off
2. Press and hold the STOP button and Press and hold the power button, now both of the STOP button and the power button pressed.

3. Release the STOP button.
4. Press the STOP button 7 times
5. Release the power button.
6. Wait until the printer activity have stopped and the small display on the printer will show nothing.
7. Connect the USB printer cable to the computer or laptop
8. Insert papers on the paper tray
9. Open the software that you have downloaded using the link above.
10. Find "Clear ink counter" and click "Set" on this area so the printer will printing a page, wait until finished.
11. Find "Ink absorber counter" and click "Set" on this area so the printer will blinking orange a time.
12. And finally, find "EEPROM" on the layer of this software and click it, so the printer will printing a page again.
13. After the printing process of the step 12 finished please to turn OFF the printer and close the software.
14. Turn ON the printer again, and now the printer should working normally. But if the printer blinking during the printing process please to press and hold the Resume button until the printing continued.
All the steps above will help us when our MP287 printer Error P07.

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When MP287 Printer Error P07
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