Projector Causing the electric breaker Tripping

I have a real experience about a projector that is when the power cable plugged into the electric source will causing the electric breaker tripping suddenly and we cannot reset this without unplugging the power cable of these projector. This is a DLP projector with the brand Infocus.
I have repaired this projector and found a component that broken that causing this problem happen. The steps we have done are below :
1. Open the case of the projector
2. Take out the mainboard
3. Take out the lens to access the power supply board
After we can access the power supply board we need to check several electronics component.
1. Check the main diode. I think you have enough knowledge about checking the electronics component. In this experience, the main diode is in normal condition
2. Check the mosfets that placed at the primer area of the power supply.
3. After all dove i found a mosfet that shorted. This is a mosfet near of the balast port. Each legs have shorted between one and other.
Finally, after replaced these mosfet make the projector normal and the electric circuit breaker not tripping when the projector cable plugged into the source. You can watch the following video about all the steps above.
This is the way to fix a infocus projector that is causing the electric circuit breaker tripping suddenly just when the power cable of it plugged.

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Projector Causing the electric breaker Tripping
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