How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen

To repair the Lenovo L412 laptop that black screen and not booting we need a heater blower or the hair dryer or some other similar tool that can resulting the hot air. Black screen of this condition is that the laptop working when the power button pressed indicated by the processor fan that working and the power indicator led lit up, but the screen of the laptop show nothing.
How to fix this problem? Follow the following instructions :
1. Turn off the laptop by press and hold the power button until the power led dead.
2. Release the battery and the charger.
3. Open the back casing, look at the image bellow
How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen
4. Release the heatsink ( processor cooler fan ). You will see the chipset VGA of this laptop at behind of these heatsink.
How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen

Now, after the heatsink released please to rehot or reflow these chipset VGA using the heater blower or the hairdryer. If you using the heater blower set the temperature for about 400oC and reflow for about 10 seconds.
This action will fix the Lenovo L412 that black screen and won't booting.

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How to fix Lenovo L412 Black Sreen
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