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Aspire One 756 Netbook Not Charging

One of the causes of aspire one 756 netbook not charging is charger controller IC that is broken. this ic working with 2 mosfet to make the charging process on this netbook.
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The part number of ic charger of this netbook is BQ25A and you an buy this at any electronics shop in your region. By replacing this part so the AO756 netbook will charging normally.

Asus X200M Notebook Black Screen

Asus X200M Notebook Black Screen

Here is the Asus X200M notebook that is not immediately ON when the power button pressed and after about a minute the notebook will ON and working well.
Some times this notebook working normally and ON directly when the power button pressed but some times not like this. What the problems with this notebook. This caused by the trouble of the keyboard unit and we can repair this without replacement but we need to analyze this problem so that we sure that this caused by the trouble of the keyboard, folllow the steps below:
1. Open the case of the notebook
2. After you can see the keyboard cable connector release this.
3. Try to turn the notebook without the keyboard, if when the power button pressed the laptop working directly this mean that the keyboard has in the trouble. But if the laptop still not working this mean that the trouble is not the keyboard and you need to continue to analyze the problem.
And, after you sure that the trouble is in the keyboard so you should to disassemble the keyboard to repair this.
Modem Driver AOD257 Netbook

Modem Driver AOD257 Netbook

Download Modem driver for Acer Aspire One AOD257 Netbook for free, support Windows 7.
Download link : Modem driver
With installing the Modem driver, your modem laptop device will working normally, maybe you never use this device but if you don't want to install this driver so your laptop will found this driver automatically as the error driver and this action need some memory capacity of your laptop so will decrease speed of the laptop. So, don't to hesitate, download this driver and install now.
PCI Simple Communications Controller

PCI Simple Communications Controller

PCI Simple Communications Controller, Why this driver show on the Device Manager with error warning and show us that this driver not installed correctly ? This mean that there is a driver software that you should install it manually.
The driver that will fix PCI Simple Communications Controller is IME, Intel management engine interface, and for Toshiba laptop you can download this driver using the following link.
Download link : IME interface driver for windows 7
By installing IME interface driver you have fixed the problem with PCI Simple Communications Controller and your laptop will work properly.
Latest Intel Driver, Update Utility

Latest Intel Driver, Update Utility

This is a application from the Intel official site that is working as scanner of the driver software of the computer and show us the latest driver that is available and match with the devices of the computer so we can download it.
With this driver we can find the missing device drivers or update the old driver to make the computer running faster. How to get this application :
1. Download using this link : Intel Driver Update Utility
2. Install on your computer
3. Follow all instruction to finish
4. Run the application
With this application we will find the latest version of the devices drivers of our computer or laptop.

AOD271 Netbook Driver Windows XP

As we know that the drivers of Acer Aspire One AOD271 netbook available for Windows 7 only on the acer official site, What happen if  we want to install Windows XP on this? Here is the solution.
One thing that become the problems when we installing the operating system that not recommended by the producer is drivers software. We should creative, based on the detail specification of the devices that we want to install it's driver we can find the driver on the internet, or on the properties of the devices we can find the code that as keywords for finding the match driver on the internet.
AOD271 Netbook Driver Windows XP
Te alternative way to fix this problem is by installing the one free software that will show us the detail specification of the device drivers and the free link that we can download it from the internet, download this software and find the match drivers of your AOD271 that is running Windows XP with this link
Samsung NC110 Drivers Windows XP

Samsung NC110 Drivers Windows XP

For downloading the device drivers of samsung NC110 netbook series that is running windows XP please use the following links from the samsung official site, free and instant access.
Chipset driver, After finished download please extract the file and click the setup.exe, or just double clicks the file downloaded and find the setup.exe on that ZIP file and open this to begin the installation.
Intel graphics driver
Bluetooth driver, To active the bluetooth device please press Fn+F9 before beginning installation.
Wireless driver
Touchpad driver, Without this driver the touchpad will work but difficult to control
LAN driver
And for other driver you does't need to install manually because installed automatically during windows XP installation process. I hope your samsung NC110 netbook will work with highest performance after installing all drivers above.