Biggest Canon Printer Problems

Biggest Canon Printer Problems

Biggest canon printer problems that is often happen we will show you based of my real experience. Especially for the canon printer that using the infuse tube modification, IP2770, MP287 or other printer include MX... etc., the most common problem are below :
1. It's hose go into a skid
2. The Color cartridge get out of the connector,
3. Ink is not smoothly so colds, so the printing result will not perfect
4. Blinking
To avoid the problems above we should apply the infuse tube modification with perfect as possible. Without the infuse tube generally the canon printer problems that most happen are below :
1. Waste ink full, we can reset this
2. The ink have dry and if we late ti refill the ink will causing the cartridge head broken.
3. Blinking caused by lost cartridge or not connected perfectly. Causes of this condition is the ink that is overflow and the cartridge pins have dirty.
These are the biggest canon printer problems.
Repairing R230 Printer Blinking Continuously

Repairing R230 Printer Blinking Continuously

When the Epson R230 blinking this mean that we need to reset it to fix. If blinking, the printer will not responding any action from us and all mechanic will silent.
To reset to fix this we need a software or free program called SSC Service Utility, and for downloading please use this link : R230 free resetter
Extract the file after finished download, and open the sscserve.exe file to install this on the computer. And then, open SSC Service Utility ( result of installation ).
Connect the printer to the computer and find Configuration and adjust the Printer Model ( R230 ). The next steps in see the printer icon at the dekstop screen of the computer, right bottom. Right click and find the Protection counter and left click Reset protection counter.
Finally step is turn OFF the printer and turn ON again. The printer sould working well now after reset counter.
Menemukan Komponen Rusak Pada Laptop Not Charging

Menemukan Komponen Rusak Pada Laptop Not Charging

Ada beberapa langkah yang harus dilakukan atau seharusnya dilakukan untuk menemukan komponen yang rusak yang terjadi pada laptop not charging yang manunjukkan adanya kegagalan proses charging atau pengecasan yang tidak sempurna.
Langkah-langkah ini bertujuan agar sumber masalah bisa ditemukan dengan tanpa ada resiko kerusakan pada bagian lain atau setidaknya mengurangi adanya resiko kerusakan yang semakin bertambah.
Kita tahu bahwa setiap langkah service pada laptop selalu diwarnai dengan resiko yang bisa saja menimbulkan kerusakan baru yang kadang-kadang bisa menambah masalah lagi dan memerlukan biaya yang lebih tinggi jika kita ceroboh dalam menanganinya, maka resiko tersebut harus kita minimalisir dan kalau bisa tidak ada resiko sehingga masalah teratasi tanpa menimbulkan masalah baru.
Maka dalam menangani laptop not charging ini kita perlu lakukan langkah check up sebagai berikut :
1. Check kondisi charger
2. Check kondisi baterai
3. Check kondisi konektor-konektor termasuk kabel yang terhubung langsung dengan unit charger
4. Check kondisi blok charger di bagian mainboard laptop, lakukan di langkah terakhir karena resikonya paling tinggi..
Sony Ultrabook Wont Turn ON

Sony Ultrabook Wont Turn ON

What we can to do when our Sony Ultrabook wont turn ON or charge and there is no light when the power is plugged in.
I will try to answer this question. Here is the steps to analyze and fix the problem.
1. Release the battery and after few seconds try to turn ON the laptop using the charger only
2. Try to use the other charger to ensure that the charger is normal
3.  Open the case and release the CMOS battery, inside of the laptop.
4. Find the schematics of the motherboard of the laptop and find the 19V rel and check this
5. Find the 3V and 5V rel and check the voltage here

Fujitsu Laptop Has Restart Continuously

This about the fujitsu laptop that is restart continuously and show us the bluescreen before restart beginning, and this is happens continuously. You should know that this problem could happen in any type of the laptop, fujitsu, acer, toshiba etc. And one of the causes of this is the problem at the VCore lane. The VCore equipped by several SMD Capacitors or tantalum capacitor and this is the component that we should replace it to fix these problem.
Some peoples ask about this problem, how to fix if this problem is happens to the HP Laptop or Sony Vaio? The answer is the same.
Fujitsu Laptop Has Restart Continuously

So, the solution of the laptop, any laptop, that is restart continuously indicated by bluescreen before begin restarting is by replacing the SMD Capacitors at the VCore lane, this is one of any other solution. But of course that you should done the first easy steps, clearing the cmos for example, or replace the RAM unit.
This is the action that you should to try to fix Fujitsu laptop has restart continuously and able to do this for other type of the laptop.
Asus X200M Notebook Black Screen

Asus X200M Notebook Black Screen

Here is the Asus X200M notebook that is not immediately ON when the power button pressed and after about a minute the notebook will ON and working well.
Some times this notebook working normally and ON directly when the power button pressed but some times not like this. What the problems with this notebook. This caused by the trouble of the keyboard unit and we can repair this without replacement but we need to analyze this problem so that we sure that this caused by the trouble of the keyboard, folllow the steps below:
1. Open the case of the notebook
2. After you can see the keyboard cable connector release this.
3. Try to turn the notebook without the keyboard, if when the power button pressed the laptop working directly this mean that the keyboard has in the trouble. But if the laptop still not working this mean that the trouble is not the keyboard and you need to continue to analyze the problem.
And, after you sure that the trouble is in the keyboard so you should to disassemble the keyboard to repair this.

Repair Home Button Iphone

How to repair the home button of iphone ?, Here is the steps to do this using the makeshift tools. The iphone that we have been repairing here is iphone 3gs.
1. Turn off the iphone
2. Release the bolt of the case
Repair Home Button Iphone
3. Place the tool as the image below and pull carefully to open the upper case of the iphone. Unplug the flexible cable connector there.
Repair Home Button Iphone
4. So you will see the home button from the back.
Repair Home Button Iphone
5. We need to take out this button, by using the heater blower with the temperature about 100oC heating the touchscreen around the home button so that we can separate the touchscreen with the case to take out the home button. To separate this you can use the space button of the acer laptop as the image below
Repair Home Button Iphone

And now we will see the detail of the home button.
Repair Home Button Iphone
6. The home button, look at the shiny disc there, open this carefully as the image below. And clean the shiny disc using the razor blade around circle. Also, the gold circle at the flexible board must be cleaned.
Repair Home Button Iphone

7. After all steps above done, before re-assembling all part try to check the button using the multi tester.
We have tried the steps above and success to repair the home button of the 3gs iphone.

Repair Sony Projector Blur

To repair the sony LCD projector that is the image of the screen has blur after few minutes please to follow the following steps. This mean after the projector working and the temperature have risen the image will blur.
The steps to fic this problem is below :
1. Turn off the projector by pressing the power button ( according the type of the projector )
2. Release the power jack cable from the electrical source.
3. Look for the ventilation unit and take out the filter of this.
4. Clean the ventilation unit using the brush until all dirty gone. To do this step you can place the filter in front of the lamp to know that the filter have clean.
Repair Sony Projector Blur

5. Re-assemble all ventilation part unit and try to turn ON the projector. Leave the projector working for more than 1H to know that this action success or not.

As we have done, the action and steps above will fix the Sony LCD projector that is it's image has blur.

This Will Cause The Laptop Won't Turn ON

An electronic component on the laptop motherboard will cause the laptop won't turn ON and not responding when the power button pressed.
This Will Cause The Laptop Won't Turn ON
This is SMD Ceramic Capacitor, as the image above. This condition often happen on the laptop that is won't turn ON, caused by the broken ceramic capacitor. A laptop equipped by the hundreds SMD ceramic capacitor and when one of this has broken so the laptop will protected and won't turn ON.
So, how to know that this component have broken? You need a Multitester to know it. Turn the selector to OHM meter and check the capacitor, if this tester show you 0 OHM so this mean that the capacitor has broken. If the tester no such as not moving this mean that the SMD ceramic capacitor in normal condition.

Digital Camera Won't Turn ON

The first action we should to do when the digital camera won't turn ON is below :
1. Release the battery
2. Clean the battery connectors using the - screwdriver or a pinset
3. If the step 2 not working, try to charging the battery using the external charger or portable charger ( not the camera charger ).
Digital Camera Won't Turn ON
4. If still not working, this mean that the problem is at the mainboard and you need to dis-assemble the camera to access the power controller and this action need the basic electronics knowledge.